come to where the pros play

Griffin Studios is a full-service rehearsal studio conveniently located in the heart of Las Vegas' thriving arts district. Two spacious 20-by-22 foot studios are ready to meet your needs, complete with an array of equipment that truly lets you plug in and play.

Our rooms come equipped with two guitar amps, one bass amp, one five-piece Tama or Sonor drum kit, a 16-channel mixing console with outboard reverb effects, a Yamaha Clavinova, and up to 8 mics. Our rooms can also be cleared for groups looking to set up their own equipment.

Pricing is just $20 an hour nights and weekends and $15 an hour weekdays before 5:00pm

Call 702-598-1200 and book your time today!

frequently asked questions

Will my band fit?
At 440 square feet, we've got room to spare. We can comfortably fit most groups and their gear in our studio.

Do you offer lockouts?
Unfortunately, we do not.

When can I come in?
Our studios are open at your convenience. Just give us 24 hours notice and we're all set.

What do I need to bring if I'm a guitarist?
Your instrument, instrument cable, strings, pics, and power supplies for any effects. We have guitar and bass amps waiting for you.

What do I need to bring if I'm a drummer?
Sticks and cymbals are all you'll need. We have a Tama or Sonor kit here for you. If you have a particular kit, kick, throne, pedal, etc. that you prefer, bring it along.

What do I need if I'm a keyboardist?
Your keyboard, stand and any cables. This includes power cables and anything you might need to get from your laptop or synth into our PA.

What do I need if I'm a vocalist?
Your instrument. Any cords it might require. But seriously, you're all set. Feel free to bring your own mic if you want.

If I bring a flier or poster, will you hang it up?
Are bears furry?

What if you didn't answer my question?
Feel free to get in touch! We love working with our bands and can usually accommodate anything short of illicit substances or your three magic wishes.